How ZENPEP® Works

What is ZENPEP?

ZENPEP is a prescription medicine for people who can't digest food normally. This is because their pancreas doesn't make enough enzymes. These enzymes have 3 main purposes:

  • To digest carbohydrates, proteins, and fats (3 components of food that supply calories)
  • To help absorb nutrients, which can relieve the symptoms of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)
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ZENPEP helps improve your ability to digest and absorb the fats you eat.


In clinical studies, people with EPI associated with cystic fibrosis absorbed more fat from foods when using ZENPEP than those using a placebo (sugar pill).

Each ZENPEP capsule contains a mix of enzymes to replace those the pancreas can’t provide

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Each ZENPEP capsule is always taken with a
meal or snack so it enters your body at the
same time as your food.

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ZENPEP capsules release enzymes to help digest food.

ZENPEP helps improve your ability to digest and absorb the nutrients you need from the fats you eat, which may help relieve some EPI symptoms

Not actual patients.

ZENPEP offers 7 flexible dosing options, which help meet
your individual EPI management needs.

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