A single hand in the lotus pose holding a blue and white capsule A single hand in the lotus pose holding a blue and white capsule

When prescribing PERT
to your adult patients with EPI

Start simply
with one capsule

EPI=exocrine pancreatic insufficiency; PERT=pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy.

ZENPEP offers a
single-capsule starting dose
for almost all adult patients

Explore ZENPEP dosing
Woman smiling, not an actual patient Woman smiling, not an actual patient
40K and 60K ZENPEP capsules 40K and 60K ZENPEP capsules

Capsules are not to scale.

Only ZENPEP offers 40K and 60K lipase-unit capsules, which may help reduce the number of pills your adult patients need to take1,3-5

View additional dosing options for patients with CF
Woman eating, not an actual patient Woman eating, not an actual patient

In a clinical trial, the right dose
helped patients absorb nutrients
from their food and provided
symptom relief1,2

Explore efficacy

Support program for patients
with EPI due to non-CF conditions

Support for patients
without CF

Support program for patients
with EPI due to CF

Nestlé Health Science Cystic Fibrosis
Patient Support Program

Support for patients
with CF

Almost all patients are covered for ZENPEP with either commercial insurance (89%) or Medicare Part D (98%)6*

Capsules not actual size.

ZENPEP should be taken during meals or snacks, with sufficient fluid.1

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