Dosing for Infants

How to give ZENPEP® to infants.

If your infant has been prescribed ZENPEP for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) due to cystic fibrosis or other conditions, your doctor will give you instructions for how to use it.

You should always give ZENPEP exactly as your doctor tells you.

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When to give ZENPEP to your infant

Give ZENPEP right before each feeding of formula or breast milk, but do not mix the capsule contents directly into formula or breast milk. If your infant feeds a lot throughout the day, be careful not to go over the total daily dose.

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How to give your infant ZENPEP

Open the ZENPEP capsule and sprinkle the contents directly into your infant’s mouth or onto food. If you’re sprinkling ZENPEP contents into your infant’s mouth, always give your infant enough breast milk or formula to completely swallow the ZENPEP contents right away.

If you’re sprinkling ZENPEP contents onto food, always give the ZENPEP and food mixture to your infant right away. Use a small amount of acidic food, such as applesauce. Do not mix ZENPEP directly into formula or breast milk. Liquid is needed whether you are sprinkling contents onto food or directly into your infant’s mouth.

After giving ZENPEP to your infant, remember to look in his or her mouth to make sure that all the medicine has been swallowed.

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Swallowing ZENPEP capsule contents

Do not crush ZENPEP or let your infant chew or suck on the capsules’ contents. The enzymes in the capsules should be swallowed quickly and not stay or be held in your infant’s mouth. Crushing, chewing, or holding the ZENPEP contents in the mouth may cause irritation in the mouth or change the way ZENPEP works in the body.

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Your infant‘s daily ZENPEP dose

Do not give your infant more ZENPEP in a day than what your doctor tells you. This is your infant’s total daily dose, which your doctor has calculated for you.

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How to store ZENPEP

  • Store ZENPEP at room temperature (68 °F to 77 °F; 20 °C to 25 °C)
  • After opening the bottle, keep it closed tightly between doses
  • DO NOT eat or throw away the packet (desiccant) in your medicine bottle. This packet will protect your medicine from moisture
  • Store ZENPEP in a dry place

Keep ZENPEP and all medicines out of the reach of children.